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for Sustainable Energy

‘To work towards a sustainable future, we need to protect our environment by switching the way we think about energy. We need to commit to power that is clean, has no direct greenhouse gas emissions, and is renewable. At Futureproof Energy, this thinking fuels our passion every day. We are committed to helping families, businesses and farmers make the smart change to clean, green solar power generation. Preserving our valuable natural resources, while helping you enjoy energy autonomy and a shield against the ever-increasing cost of power.’

Futureproof Energy is a renewable energy company based in the town of Lahinch, county Clare, on Ireland’s West coast. We specialise in the design, supply and installation of solar panel systems to domestic, commercial and agricultural customers. As part of our portfolio of renewable energy solutions we also supply and install electric car chargers.  

Futureproof Energy is a fully Irish-owned company, led by engineer Robert McDonagh. Robert has 24 years’ experience in the commercial construction industry and has applied his knowledge and skills to the renewable energy sector.

While many construction companies may offer renewable energy options as an added service, we are wholly dedicated to supplying solar energy solutions. This single-minded focus means we’re committed to providing products, service and expertise of the highest standard.

Driven by Professional

Quality and Professionalism

Rob McDonagh is Futureproof Energy’s lead engineer. He holds a degree in industrial engineering and he has worked across all industry sectors, from domestic to retails, manufacturing and healthcare. Rob is a fully qualified solar installer and is registered with Safe Electric and SEAI.


You can trust our name which is synonymous with ‘Right first time’.

Bespoke Solutions

Every home or business has different energy needs, so we custom design our solar solutions and ensure they are tailored for optimum power output and efficiency.

Our Different Approach

This is how we work:

We Understand

Our expert will work closely and collaboratively with you to understand your energy needs and usage. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution – everything we recommend is built around you and your unique requirements. We look at the size of your home and when and how you use power. You will get a real understanding of what drives your monthly electricity bill.

We Tailor

With this knowledge, we will tailor a solar solution to suit your home, business or farm. We will take into account the size of your property, the hours when you use the most power and where solar panels can be best placed for optimum output.

We Quantify

Your engineer will give you a clear and accurate calculation of how quickly your solar panel system will pay back and start producing free energy. This usually takes between 3 and 10 years, depending on your consumption and the size of the system installed.